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About Us

Coding, Coding, Coding and, Yes....just a little more Coding. After all that coding is done.....then there's just a little more Coding to be done.
Here at Just Cool Folks, we are hard at work, building a great store, around a great community, around some really cool and great folks.
Thanks for stopping by and getting to know Just Cool Folks a little more. We're working really hard on getting this About Us page put together with our story and how it all began. Kind of like starting a book. Chapter 1, is in the works.
First we love Movies. Isn't some of them amazing and even life changing? Second,....Coffee. Gotta have the Coffee. No Coffee, No Workee. No Coffee, No Store. No Store, can't buy the Coffee. If we cant buy the Coffee then we can't run the store. No store, No Dinero, Money, Mula,....No Cash. No Cash, No place to build the store. You get it.
Now, need to make a fresh batch of Coffee after writing all of this, being I drank it all, as I was writing all this and, and,....remember? No Coffee, No Workee. No Workee, No Store. No Store, well you know the rest.
Thanks a Billion for stopping by and for taking out a week to read this really short About Us page. Stay Tuned and have an amazing and wonderful day.
Sincerely and Gratefully,
The Just Cool Folks© Team.